Why high blood pressure is referred as “Silent Killer”.


              As per the specialists, even being a dangerous condition, high blood pressure has no significant symptoms until after it has done significant damage to the heart and arteries. That’s why it’s referred as a silent killer. It’s diagnosed when people visit the doctors for some other problems like a headache, loss in eyesight, or problem with their sleep. So if you are not checking your blood pressure regularly. there is no sure way to know if it’s within a healthy range.

As per the data received, every third Indian is suffering from high blood pressure. But many people are unaware that they are suffering from HBP. This has become one of the major reasons for deaths. During the last few years, our lifestyle has been changed completely. Lack of physical activities, more intake of junk food containing a high volume of salts and fats, consumption of alcohols and tobacco have increased the tension levels drastically.


When someone has hypertension or high blood pressure, it actually means too much pressure or force put by the blood against the walls of the arteries, when the blood is pumped by the heart, leading to many health problems. If the arteries are narrow or hard with age or if your body carries a lot of water or salt, the blood pressure becomes higher. The result may be the bursting of the arteries if pressure is too high causing internal bleeding and this may lead to death sometimes.


Different parts of our body will suffer in different ways. Firstly, our heart has to work harder when blood pressure is high. The extra effort by the heart can lead to thickening of the heart muscles, making it more difficult to do its job. And that can lead to heart failure. 

       The second most affected organ is our brain. You can say that hypertension or high blood pressure is the top trigger for stroke, in which a blood vessel in the brain bursts and starts bleeding. A blood clot may form and it can block the flow of the blood to the brain leading to stroke and sometimes brain damage and lifelong disability.

       The third organ which is most affected, our kidneys. The blood vessels in these organs may become weak or narrow, and these become less effective at their job of filtering out wastes and fluids from our body. And thus too much water remains in our kidneys will, in turn, raise the blood pressure. And it explains why hypertension is one of the common reasons for kidney failure.

Even our eyes are not immune to high blood pressure. There are tiny eye vessels in our eyes and when these are damaged or blocked, the result is blurred, distorted or lost vision.

Lastly, I would like to say that even hypertension is very dangerous but by following a healthy lifestyle and doing some regular physical activities, one can easily get rid of this deadly problem. Just do regular check-ups and follow your doctor’s instructions.